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Torri, G.B. (author), Janssen, N.M.A. (author), Zeng, Z. (author), Rottenberg, X. (author), Karabacak, D.M. (author), Vandecasteele, M. (author), Hoof, C.V. (author), Puers, R. (author), Tilmans, H.A.C. (author)
This paper reports on the optimization of the design of piezoelectric transducer elements integrated on doubly-clamped microbeam resonators utilized as (bio)chemical sensors. We report and emphasize the often forgotten influence of membrane stresses on defining the dimensions and optimal position of the piezoelectric transducer elements. The...
article 2014
Karaba├žak, D. (author), Sieben-Xu, L. (author), Vandecasteele, M. (author), van Andel, Y. (author), Wouters, D. (author), Calama, M.C. (author), Brongersma, S.H. (author)
An electronic nose based on an array of vibrating doubly clamped beams is proposed. These very high aspect ratio (length/thickness) suspended resonators can be individually functionalized by applying polymer coatings with an inkjet printing approach. The absorption of volatile compounds induces a swelling of the polymers that result in axial...
article 2012