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Martin, A.H. (author), Bakhuizen, E. (author), Ersch, C. (author), Urbonaite, V. (author), de Jongh, H.H.J. (author), Pouvreau, L. (author)
To understand the origin of water holding of mixed protein gels, a study was performed on water exudation from mixed whey protein (WP)-gelatin gels upon applied pressure. Mixed gels were prepared with varying WP and gelatin concentration and gelatin type to obtain gels with a wide range of gel properties. Gels were characterized for their water...
article 2016
Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author), Martin, A.H. (author), Baigts Allende, D. (author), Munialo, C.D. (author), Urbonaite, V. (author), Pouvreau, L. (author), de Jongh, H.H.J. (author)
The exploration of microstructures and textures of protein based systems is essential to understand (oral) breakdown properties and thereby textural aspects, or macroscopic functionalities such as water holding. Upon structure breakdown, the applied energy (W) is primarily directed towards fracture (Wf) for particulate gels. For stranded gels...
conference paper 2013