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Fransson, E.I. (author), Nyberg, S.T. (author), Heikkilä, K. (author), Alfredsson, L. (author), Bjorner, J.B. (author), Borritz, M. (author), Burr, H. (author), Dragano, N. (author), Geuskens, G.A. (author), Goldberg, M. (author), Hamer, M. (author), Hooftman, W.E. (author), Houtman, I.L. (author), Joensuu, M. (author), Jokela, M. (author), Knutsson, A. (author), Koskenvuo, M. (author), Koskinen, A. (author), Kumari, M. (author), Leineweber, C. (author), Lunau, T. (author), Madsen, I.E.H. (author), Hanson, L.L.M. (author), Nielsen, M.L. (author), Nordin, M. (author), Oksanen, T. (author), Pentti, J. (author), Pejtersen, J.H. (author), Rugulies, R. (author), Salo, P. (author), Shipley, M.J. (author), Steptoe, A. (author), Suominen, S.B. (author), Theorell, T. (author), Toppinen-Tanner, S. (author), Vahtera, J. (author), Virtanen, M. (author), Väänänen, A. (author), Westerholm, P.J.M. (author), Westerlund, H. (author), Zins, M. (author), Britton, A. (author), Brunner, E.J. (author), Singh-Manoux, A. (author), Batty, G.D. (author), Kivimäki, M. (author)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Psychosocial stress at work has been proposed to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, its role as a risk factor for stroke is uncertain. METHODS: We conducted an individual-participant-data meta-analysis of 196 380 males and females from 14 European cohort studies to investigate the association between...
article 2015