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Navarro-Ortega, A. (author), Acuña, V. (author), Bellin, A. (author), Burek, P. (author), Cassiani, G. (author), Choukr-Allah, R. (author), Dolédec, S. (author), Elosegi, A. (author), Ferrari, F. (author), Ginebreda, A. (author), Grathwohl, P. (author), Jones, C. (author), Rault, P.K. (author), Kok, K. (author), Koundouri, P. (author), Ludwig, R.P. (author), Merz, R. (author), Milacic, R. (author), Muñoz, I. (author), Nikulin, G. (author), Paniconi, C. (author), Paunović, M. (author), Petrovic, M. (author), Sabater, L. (author), Sabaterb, S. (author), Skoulikidis, N.T. (author), Slob, A. (author), Teutsch, G. (author), Voulvoulis, N. (author), Barceló, D. (author)
Water scarcity is a serious environmental problem in many European regions, and will likely increase in the near future as a consequence of increased abstraction and climate change. Water scarcity exacerbates the effects of multiple stressors, and thus results in decreased water quality. It impacts river ecosystems, threatens the services they...
article 2015
TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (author), Merkel, P. (author), Weiβ, H. (author), Teutsch, G. (author), Rijnaarts, H.H.M. (author)
At many industrial sites inadequate waste disposal, leakages and war damages have led to severe groundwater contamination on a regional scale. Standard hydraulic groundwater remediation methods, such as pump-and-treat, in most cases do not lead to satisfactory results, due to the persistence of organic contaminants and the resulting very long...
conference paper 2000