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Lee, J.K.W. (author), Tan, B. (author), Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Haman, F. (author), Epstein, Y. (author)
Exposure to extreme environmental heat or cold during military activities can impose severe thermal strain, leading to impairments in task performance and increasing the risk of exertional heat (including heat stroke) and cold injuries that can be life-threatening. Substantial individual variability in physiological tolerance to thermal stress...
article 2023
van der Kamp, J.W. (author), Miller Jones, J. (author), Miller, K.B. (author), Ross, A.B. (author), Seal, C.J. (author), Tan, B. (author), Beck, E.J. (author)
Proposed global definitions of whole grain as an ingredient and whole grain food are presented by the authors on behalf of the Whole Grain Initiative. Whole grains are an important pillar of healthy and sustainable diets. Internationally accepted credible definitions of whole grains as food ingredients and whole-grain foods are necessary to...
article 2022
Huijgen, W.J.J. (author), Harmsen, P. (author), van Hal, J.W. (author), Lopez-Contreras, A.M. (author), Blaauw, R. (author), Houweling-Tan, B. (author), van der Wal, H. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
Seaweeds (also called macroalgae) are considered a potential biomass feedstock for biorefineries for production of energy and chemicals. In this study, a biorefinery strategy for the brown seaweed Saccharina latissima is described. Fresh S. latissima harvested at the Irish coast contained glucose and mannitol as most abundant fermentable sugars....
conference paper 2015