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Swinkels, I.C.S. (author), Huygens, M.W.J. (author), Schoenmakers, T.M. (author), Oude Nijeweme-D'Hollosy, W. (author), van Velsen, L. (author), Vermeulen, J. (author), Schoone-Harmsen, M. (author), Jansen, Y.J. (author), van Schayck, O.C. (author), Friele, R. (author), de Witte, L. (author)
Background: Electronic health (eHealth) solutions are considered to relieve current and future pressure on the sustainability of primary health care systems. However, evidence of the effectiveness of eHealth in daily practice is missing. Furthermore, eHealth solutions are often not implemented structurally after a pilot phase, even if successful...
article 2018
Lambeek, L.C. (author), van Tulder, M.W. (author), Swinkels, I.C.S. (author), Koppes, L.L.J. (author), Anema, J.R. (author), van Mechelen, W. (author)
Study Design.: Cost of illness study. Objective.: To investigate the total costs of back pain in the Netherlands over the years 2002 to 2007. Summary of Background Data.: In 1991, the cost of back pain to the Dutch society was estimated at &OV0556;4.2 billion. In the last two decades, new laws regarding health insurance and sickness benefits and...
article 2011