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Chen, Y. (author), Sun, A. (author), Wang, M. (author), Zhu, Z. (author), Ouwerkerk, P.B.F. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
Glutelins are the most abundant storage proteins in rice grain and can make up to 80 % of total protein content. The promoter region of GluB-1, one of the glutelin genes in rice, has been intensively used as a model to understand regulation of seed-storage protein accumulation. In this study, we describe a zinc finger gene of the Cys3His1 (CCCH...
article 2014
Sun, A. (author), Dai, Y. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Li, C. (author), Meng, K. (author), Xu, H. (author), Wei, X. (author), Xiao, G. (author), Ouwerkerk, P.B. (author), Wang, M. (author), Zhu, Z. (author)
In many plants, sucrose transporters are essential for both sucrose exports from sources and imports into sinks, indicating a function in assimilate partitioning. To investigate whether sucrose transporters can improve the yield of starch plant, potato plants (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Désirée) were transformed with cDNAs of the rice sucrose...
article 2011