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Dechy, N. (author), Dien, Y. (author), Drupsteen, L. (author), Felicio, A. (author), Cunha, C. (author), Roed-Larsen, S. (author), Marsden, E. (author), Tulonen, T. (author), Stoop, J. (author), Strucic, M. (author), Vetere Arellano, A.L. (author), van der Vorm, J.K.J. (author), Benner, L. (author)
This document provides an overview of knowledge concerning barriers to learning from incidents and accidents. It focuses on learning from accident investigations, public inquiries and operational experience feedback, in industrial sectors that are exposed to major accident hazards. The document discusses learning at organizational, cross...
report 2015
Stoop, J. (author), van der Vorm, J. (author)
Sessie Leren van incidenten; van A naar Beter.
public lecture 2015
Rosmuller, N. (author), Stoop, J. (author), Scholtens, A. (author), Elias, I. (author), Martens, M. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
report 2001