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Jedynska, A. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Wang, M. (author), Yang, A. (author), Eeftens, M. (author), Cyrys, J. (author), Keuken, M. (author), Ampe, C. (author), Beelen, R. (author), Cesaroni, G. (author), Forastiere, F. (author), Cirach, M. (author), de Hoogh, K. (author), de Nazelle, A. (author), Nystad, W. (author), Akhlaghi, H.M. (author), Declercq, C. (author), Stempfelet, M. (author), Eriksen, K.T. (author), Dimakopoulou, K. (author), Lanki, T. (author), Meliefste, K. (author), Nieuwenhuijsen, M. (author), Yli-Tuomi, T. (author), Raaschou-Nielsen, O. (author), Janssen, N.A.H. (author), Brunekreef, B. (author), Kooter, I.M. (author)
Oxidative potential (OP) has been suggested as a health-relevant measure of air pollution. Little information is available about OP spatial variation and the possibility to model its spatial variability. Our aim was to measure the spatial variation of OP within and between 10 European study areas. The second aim was to develop land use...
article 2017
Tsai, M.Y. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Eeftens, M. (author), de Hoogh, K. (author), Beelen, R. (author), Beregszászi, T. (author), Cesaroni, G. (author), Cirach, M. (author), Cyrys, J. (author), de Nazelle, A. (author), de Vocht, F. (author), Ducret-Stich, R. (author), Eriksen, K. (author), Galassi, C. (author), Gražuleviciene, R. (author), Gražulevicius, T. (author), Grivas, G. (author), Gryparis, A. (author), Heinrich, J. (author), Hoffmann, B. (author), Iakovides, M. (author), Keuken, M. (author), Krämer, U. (author), Künzli, N. (author), Lanki, T. (author), Madsen, C. (author), Meliefste, K. (author), Merritt, A.S. (author), Mölter, A. (author), Mosler, G. (author), Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J. (author), Pershagen, G. (author), Phuleria, H. (author), Quass, U. (author), Ranzi, A. (author), Schaffner, E. (author), Sokhi, R. (author), Stempfelet, M. (author), Stephanou, E. (author), Sugiri, D. (author), Taimisto, P. (author), Tewis, M. (author), Udvardy, O. (author), Wang, M. (author), Brunekreef, B. (author)
An increasing number of epidemiological studies suggest that adverse health effects of air pollution may be related to particulate matter (PM) composition, particularly trace metals. However, we lack comprehensive data on the spatial distribution of these elements.We measured PM<inf>2.5</inf> and PM<inf>10</inf> in twenty study areas across...
article 2015