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van Beijsterveldt, A.M.C. (author), Thijs, K.M. (author), Backx, F.J.G. (author), Steffen, K. (author), Brozicevic, V. (author), Stubbe, J.H. (author)
Background The European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) is a biennial sporting event of nine Olympic Summer Sports for talented athletes, aged 13–18 years, from all over Europe. Objective To analyse the injuries and illnesses that occurred during the multisport event (14–19 July 2013), with the long-term aim of enabling international sports...
article 2015
van Beijsterveldt, A.M. (author), Steffen, K. (author), Stubbe, J.H. (author), Frederiks, J.E. (author), van de Port, I.G.L. (author), Backx, F.J.G. (author)
OBJECTIVE:: To describe characteristics of outdoor soccer injury and recovery among Dutch soccer players. DESIGN:: Prospective cohort study. SETTING:: The 2009-2010 competitive season (33 weeks). PARTICIPANTS:: Four hundred fifty-six Dutch male soccer players of 23 amateur teams. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES:: Coaches recorded individual exposure to...
article 2014