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Morris, N.B. (author), Pijl, J.F. (author), Morabito, M. (author), Messeri, A. (author), Levi, M. (author), Ioannou, L.G. (author), Ciuha, U. (author), Pogacar, T. (author), Kajfez Bogataj, L. (author), Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Casanueva, A. (author), Kotlarski, S. (author), Spirig, C. (author), Foter, J. (author), Havenith, G. (author), Sotto Mayor, T. (author), Flouris, A.D. (author), Nybo, L. (author)
Objectives: To provide perspectives from the HEAT-SHIELD project ( a multi-national, inter-sectoral, and cross-disciplinary initiative, incorporating twenty European research institutions, as well as occupational health and industrial partners, on solutions to combat negative health and productivity effects caused by working...
article 2021
Nybo, L. (author), Flouris, A.D. (author), Morabito, M. (author), Messeri, A. (author), Casanueva, A. (author), Kotlarski, S. (author), Spirig, C. (author), Schwierz, C. (author), Toftum, J. (author), Daanen, H. (author), Steenhoff, H. (author), Kingma, B. (author), Gao, C. (author)
conference paper 2019
Morabito, M. (author), Messeri, A. (author), Noti, P. (author), Casanueva, A. (author), Crisci, A. (author), Kotlarski, S. (author), Orlandini, S. (author), Schwierz, C. (author), Spirig, C. (author), Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Flouris, A.D. (author), Nybo, L. (author)
Existing heat–health warning systems focus on warning vulnerable groups in order to reduce mortality. However, human health and performance are affected at much lower environmental heat strain levels than those directly associated with higher mortality. Moreover, workers are at elevated health risks when exposed to prolonged heat. This study...
article 2019