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Duval, A. (author), Layrac, G. (author), van Zomeren, A. (author), Smit, A.T. (author), Pollet, E. (author), Averous, L. (author)
Two organosolv lignins extracted during pilot runs of the Fabiola process were analyzed, fractionated and chemically modified with ethylene carbonate (EC) to produce building blocks suitable for polymer synthesis. Isolation of low dispersity fractions relied on the partial solubility of the lignins in organic solvents. Lignins solubility was...
article 2021
de Haro, J.C. (author), Allegretti, C. (author), Smit, A.T. (author), Turri, S. (author), D'Arrigo, P. (author), Griffini, G. (author)
New biobased polyurethane (PU) coatings with high lignin content were developed and characterized in this work. These materials were based on a ?,?-diisocyanate monomer (1,4-bis(4-isocyanato-2-methoxyphenoxy)butane, VA-NCO) obtained from lignin-derived vanillic acid and its further cross-linking reaction with three different nonchemically...
article 2019