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Smets-Noor, N.J.J.M. (author)
TNO neemt deel aan het Europese Nifti-project. Samen met zijn partners onderzoekt de kennisinstetting slimme robots die hutpverleners bijstaan bij aardbevingen en andere rampen. Nadruk ligt daarbij op de samenwerking tussen mens en machine. Wie doet wat?
article 2013
te Brake, G.M. (author), de Greef, T.E. (author), Lindenberg, J. (author), Rypkema, J.A. (author), Smets-Noor, N.J.J.M. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
In dynamic settings, user interfaces can provide more optimal support if they adapt to the context of use. Providing adaptive user interfaces to first responders may therefore be fruitful. A cognitive engineering method that incorporates development iterations in both a simulated and a real-world environment is used to develop new adaptive...
conference paper 2006