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Santini, D.J. (author), Passier, G.L.M. (author), Badin, F. (author), Brouwer, A. (author), Conte, F.V. (author), Smets, S. (author), Alexander, M. (author), Bleijs, C. (author), Brincourt, T. (author), Vyas, A. (author), Rousseau, A. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
The relative fuel consumption reduction strengths of multiple passenger car powertrains are investigated. These include [A] conventional compression ignition (CI) direct injection (DI) turbocharged (TC) diesel (D) [CI-DI-TC-D]; [B] Atkinson cycle charge sustaining (CS) "split-hybrid" electric vehicles (HEV) fueled by gasoline/petrol (G) [HEVG];...
article 2008
Smets, S. (author), Debal, P. (author), Conte, V. (author), Alak├╝la, M. (author), Santini, D. (author), Duvall, M. (author), Winkel, R. (author), Badin, F. (author)
Several electric energy storage systems exist with different principles and characteristics. On the other hand, there are also various hybrid electric vehicles with specific requirements. This paper gives an overview of the advantages/disadvantages and practical aspects of battery technologies and ultracapacitors which can be used in hybrid...
conference paper 2006