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Ros, J.A. (author), Skylogianni, E. (author), Doedée, V. (author), van den Akker, J.T. (author), Vredeveldt, A.W. (author), Linders, M.J.G. (author), Goetheer, E.L.V. (author), Garcia Moretz-Sohn Monteiro, J. (author)
The International Maritime Organization has set clear objectives towards drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions the coming decades in the maritime sector. While different ways to reduce emissions are already proposed, these are not expected to generate high CO2 abatement rates (in the case of fuel saving measures) or to be available and...
article 2022
Mikunda, T. (author), Brunner, L.G. (author), Skylogianni, E. (author), Garcia Moretz-Sohn Monteiro, J. (author), Rycroft, L.L. (author), Kemper, J. (author)
For carbon capture and storage (CCS) to be a truly effective option within the efforts being made to mitigate climate change, it must be sustainable. An assessment is therefore required regarding how the deployment of CCS will positively contribute towards the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This assessment...
article 2021
Ros, J.A. (author), Garcia Moretz-Sohn Monteiro, J. (author), van den Akker, J.T. (author), Summer, K. (author), Doedée, V. (author), Skylogianni, E. (author), Linders, M.J.G. (author)
Post-combustion CO2 capture by absorption is a mature technology that has been implemented in many industrial applications to decrease CO2 emissions from large point sources. As demonstrated in this work, the CO2 capture process can be implemented onboard as a retrofit technology, thus enabling timely implementation; a key element for the...
conference paper 2020