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Nohynek, G.J. (author), Skare, J.A. (author), Meuling, W.J.A. (author), Wehmeyer, K.R. (author), de Bie, A.T.H.J. (author), Vaes, W.H.J. (author), Dufour, E.K. (author), Fautz, R. (author), Steiling, W. (author), Bramante, M. (author), Toutain, H. (author)
Systemic exposure was measured in humans after hair dyeing with oxidative hair dyes containing 2.0% (A) or 1.0% (B) [14C]-p-phenylenediamine (PPD). Hair was dyed, rinsed, dried, clipped and shaved; blood and urine samples were collected for 48 hours after application. [14C] was measured in all materials, rinsing water, hair, plasma, urine and...
article 2015
Nohynek, G.J. (author), Skare, J.A. (author), Meuling, W.J.A. (author), Hein, D.W. (author), de Bie, A.T.H.J. (author), Toutain, H. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
In the organism of mammals, important detoxification pathways of arylamines are catalysed by N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2). A recent case-control epidemiology study suggested that human NAT2 slow acetylators exposed to oxidative hair dyes may be at greater risk to develop bladder cancer. We therefore profiled urinary [14C]-metabolites and NAT2...
article 2004