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Ligterink, N.E. (author), van Mensch, P. (author), Cuelenaere, R.F.A. (author), Hausberger, S. (author), Leitner, D. (author), Silberholz, G. (author)
The flexibilities allowed in the WLTP are necessary to allow efficient testing without having a lot of invalid tests. Nevertheless some of the flexibilities can influence the resulting fuel consumption to an extent which makes it worth considering the application of correction functions to compensate for deviations against the target values....
report 2015
Six, C. (author), Silberholz, G. (author), Frederiksson, J. (author), Hausberger, S. (author), Dekker, H.J. (author), Tilanus, P.A.J. (author), van den Tillaart, E. (author)
report 2013