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Najjar, A. (author), Punt, A. (author), Wambaugh, J. (author), Paini, A. (author), Ellison, C. (author), Fragki, S. (author), Bianchi, E. (author), Zhang, F. (author), Westerhout, J. (author), Mueller, D. (author), Li, H. (author), Shi, Q. (author), Gant, T.W. (author), Botham, P. (author), Bars, R. (author), Piersma, A. (author), van Ravenzwaay, B. (author), Kramer, N.I. (author)
With an increasing need to incorporate new approach methodologies (NAMs) in chemical risk assessment and the concomitant need to phase out animal testing, the interpretation of in vitro assay readouts for quantitative hazard characterisation becomes more important. Physiologically based kinetic (PBK) models, which simulate the fate of chemicals...
article 2022
Bouhafs, F. (author), Mackay, M. (author), Raschellà, A. (author), Shi, Q. (author), den Hartog, F. (author), Sequeira, L. (author), Saldana, J. (author), Ruiz, J. (author), Fernandez-Navajas, J. (author), Munilla, R. (author), Almodovar, J.L. (author), van Adrichem, N.L.M. (author)
We present Wi-5, a spectrum programming architecture for radio resource management in unlicensed frequency bands. It introduces a spectrum control plane that offers fine grained allocation of radio resources, flexible configuration of radio and wireless networking parameters, and continuous monitoring of the wireless network status. These...
article 2018