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Buerkin, C.K. (author), de Vries, I. (author), Raupp, S.M. (author), Scharfer, P. (author), Schabel, W. (author), Groen, P. (author)
Organic electronics have been thoroughly investigated due to their broad application potential, ranging from light-emitting diodes to photovoltaics. The processing of organic electronics is trending from vacuum toward wet chemical deposition, which allows fast low-cost mass production of devices with scalable dimension. One of the current...
article 2017
Schmidt-Hansberg, B. (author), Sanyal, M. (author), Grossiord, N. (author), Galagan, Y.O. (author), Baunach, M. (author), Klein, M.F.G. (author), Colsmann, A. (author), Scharfer, P. (author), Lemmer, U. (author), Dosch, H. (author), Michels, J.J. (author), Barrena, E. (author), Schabel, W. (author)
The rapidly increasing power conversion efficiencies of organic solar cells are an important prerequisite towards low cost photovoltaic fabricated in high throughput. In this work we suggest indane as a non-halogenated replacement for the commonly used halogenated solvent o-dichlorobenzene. Indane was blended with the higher volatile solvents...
article 2012