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Butzin, A. (author), Davis, A. (author), Domanski, D. (author), Dhondt, S. (author), Howaldt, J. (author), Kaletka, C. (author), Kesselring, A. (author), Kopp, R. (author), Millard, J. (author), Oeij, P. (author), Rehfeld, D. (author), Schaper-Rinkel, P. (author), Schwartz, M. (author), Scoppetta, A. (author), Wagner-Luptacik, P. (author), Weber, M. (author)
The SI-DRIVE report “Theoretical approaches to Social Innovation – A Critical Literature Review” delivers a comprehensive overview on the state of the art of theoretically relevant building blocks for advancing a theoretical understanding of social innovation. It collects different theoretical approaches which are conducive to a deeper...
report 2014
Becklert, B. (author), Friedewald, M. (author), Schaper-Rinkel, P. (author), Weber, M. (author), van Lieshout, M.J. (author), van der Giessen, A.M. (author), Leis, M.J.S. (author)
The study “Boosting the exploratory power of Open Research in Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)” is designed to support the activities of the European Commission to strengthen Open Collaborative Research and to establish it as a new mode of funding and doing research in Europe. It describes the opportunities ahead, sketches a scenario and...
report 2012
Schaffers, H. (author), Rubalcaba, L. (author), Merino, F. (author), Giesecke, S. (author), Schaper-Rinkel, P. (author), Velsing, E.J. (author), Montalvo, C. (author)
The retail and wholesale trade sector traditionally is considered as a poor innovator. Innovation is seen as driven mostly by applications of information and communication technology (ICT). This report adopts a more comprehensive definition of innovation than the traditional one, taking into account both ICT-driven technological innovation and...
report 2011