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Naylor, G.A. (author), Scannell, R. (author), Beurskens, M. (author), Walsh, M.J. (author), Pastor, I. (author), Donné, A.J.H. (author), Snijders, B. (author), Biel, W. (author), Meszaros, B. (author), Giudicotti, L. (author), Pasqualotto, R. (author), Marot, L. (author)
The central electron temperature and density of the ITER plasma may be determined by Thomson scattering. A LIDAR topology is proposed in order to minimize the port access required of the ITER vacuum vessel. By using a LIDAR technique, a profile of the electron temperature and density can be determined with a resolution of about 7 cm in the...
article 2012