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Sanchez, M.M. (author), Elfring, J. (author), Silvas, E. (author), van de Molengraft, R. (author)
To operate safely, an automated vehicle (AV) must anticipate how the environment around it will evolve. For that purpose, it is important to know which prediction models are most appropriate for every situation. Currently, assessment of prediction models is often performed over a set of trajectories without distinction of the type of movement...
conference paper 2022
Sanchez, M.M. (author), Silvas, E. (author), Pogosov, D. (author), Mocanu, D.C. (author)
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is a solution to improve the quality of on-road traveling in terms of throughput, safety, efficiency and comfort. However, road users that do not communicate their planned activities can create dangerous situations, so prediction models are needed to foresee and anticipate their motions in the drivable space....
conference paper 2020
Abedjan, Z. (author), Boujemaa, N. (author), Campbell, S. (author), Casla, P. (author), Chatterjea, S. (author), Consoli, S. (author), Costa-Soria, C. (author), Czech, P. (author), Despenic, M. (author), Garattini, C. (author), Hamelinck, D. (author), Heinrich, A. (author), Kraaij, W. (author), Kustra, J. (author), Lojo, A. (author), Sanchez, M.M. (author), Mayer, M.A. (author), Melideo, M. (author), Menasalvas, E. (author), Aarestrup, F.M. (author), Artigot, E.N. (author), Petkovi?, M. (author), Recupero, D.R. (author), Gonzalez, A.R. (author), Kerremans, G.R. (author), Roller, R. (author), Romao, M. (author), Ruping, S. (author), Sasaki, F. (author), Spek, W. (author), Stojanovic, N. (author), Thoms, J. (author), Vasiljevs, A. (author), Verachtert, W. (author), Wuyts, R. (author)
The advent of digital medical data has brought an exponential increase in information available for each patient, allowing for novel knowledge generation methods to emerge. Tapping into this data brings clinical research and clinical practice closer together, as data generated in ordinary clinical practice can be used towards rapid-learning...
bookPart 2019