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Vermesan, O. (author), Bahr, R. (author), Falcitelli, M. (author), Brevi, D. (author), Bosi, I. (author), Dekusar, A. (author), Velizhev, A. (author), Alaya, M. Ben (author), Firmani, C. (author), Simeon, J.F. (author), Touko Tcheumadjeu, L. (author), Solmaz, G. (author), Bisconti, F. (author), Di Mauro, L. (author), Noto2, S. (author), Pagano, P. (author), Ferrera, E. (author), Gavilanes Castillo, G.A. (author), Bonetto, E. (author), Di Massa, V. (author), Legaspi, X. (author), Cabeza, M. (author), Bernardez, D. (author), Sanchez, F. (author), Kaul, R. (author), van den Ende, B. (author), Schmeitz, A. (author), Scholliers, J. (author), Karagiannis, G. (author), den Ouden, J. (author), Jansen, S. (author), Marcasuzaa, H. (author), Schreiner, F. (author)
The applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies connect multiple devices directly and through the Internet. Autonomous vehicles utilise connectivity when updating their algorithms based on user data, interact with the infrastructure to get environmental information, communicate with other vehicles. They exchange information with...
bookPart 2020
Cabello, E. (author), Sanchez, F. (author), Martin, I. (author), Calello, A.B. (author), de Goede, M. (author), van der Horst, A.R.A. (author), Conde, C. (author), Romay, P. (author)
The urban expansion, the motorization, the work and shopping concentration in the cities outskirts have caused a constant increase in the travelling distances. Therefore, walking is getting more and more difficult and dangerous. On the other hand, there is a great diversity of pedestrians with different requests or needs when using the urban and...
bookPart 2010