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Bierbooms, W.A.A.M. (author), Boorsma, K. (author), Wagenaar, J.W. (author), Savenije, F.J. (author), Boquet, M. (author), Giyanani, A.H. (author), Rutteman, R. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
ECN with its partners TU Delft, Avent LiDAr Technologies and XEMC Darwind executed the four-year TKI Wind op Zee project LAWINE (LiDAr Application for WInd Energy Efficiency). In this project the application of LiDAR technology has been developed and validated so that it can be used to improve the operation of offshore wind farms with the goal...
report 2016
Boorsma, K. (author), Savenije, F.J. (author), Abdelsalam, A. (author), Davoust, S. (author), Rutteman, R. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
Within the framework of the LAWINE project (LiDAR Applications for Wind Farm Efficiency), the application of LiDAR for optimization of turbine control is researched. The evolution of turbulent structures as they approach a wind turbine is critical in order to link turbine loads to free-stream turbulence with special attention given to Taylors...
conference paper 2015