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Bereszczak, J.Z. (author), Rose, R.J. (author), van Duijn, E. (author), Watts, N.R. (author), Wingfield, P.T. (author), Steven, A.C. (author), Heck, A.J.R. (author)
Infection of humans by hepatitis B virus (HBV) induces the copious production of antibodies directed against the capsid protein (Cp). A large variety of anticapsid antibodies have been identified that differ in their epitopes. These data, and the status of the capsid as a major clinical antigen, motivate studies to achieve a more detailed...
article 2013
Rose, R.J. (author), Thompson, N.J. (author), Van Duijn, E. (author), Damoc, E. (author), Denisov, E. (author), Makarov, A. (author), Heck, A.J.R. (author)
Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) represent a major class of therapeutic biomolecules being developed by the biopharmaceutical industry, their popularity largely being a result of their high specificity towards targets. Therapeutic mAbs are being developed for various diseases, with a strong focus on cancer and immunological disorders.[1] All...
article 2012
Vink, J.M. (author), Boomsma, D.I. (author), Medland, S.E. (author), de Moor, H.M. (author), Stubbe, J.H. (author), Corner, B.K. (author), Martin, N.G. (author), Skytthea, A. (author), Kyvik, K.O. (author), Rose, R.J. (author), Kujala, U.M. (author), Kaprio, J. (author), Harris, J.R. (author), Pedersen, N.L. (author), Cherkas, L. (author), Spector, T.D. (author), Geus, E.J. (author)
Physical activity is influenced by genetic factors whose expression may change with age. We employed an extension to the classical twin model that allows a modifier variable, age, to interact with the effects of the latent genetic and environmental factors. The model was applied to self-reported data from twins aged 19 to 50 from seven countries...
article 2011