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de Amorim Soares, G. (author), Carolus, J. (author), Daenen, M. (author), Masolin, A. (author), Birrenbach, T. (author), Gerber, A. (author), Wrigley, A. (author), Henzel, J. (author), Roosen, D. (author), Meuris, M. (author), Theelen, M.J. (author)
A round robin test was carried out in four PV laboratories to compare accelerated lifetime testing. Twenty commercial non-packaged CIGS solar cells of similar performance were spread and exposed to damp heat con-ditions (85 ◦C and 85% RH) for approximately 500 h. Their JV performance was monitored during the damp heat exposure. After the test,...
article 2021
Theelen, M. (author), Steijvers, H. (author), Bakker, K. (author), Vink, J. (author), Mortazavi, S. (author), Mulder, A. (author), Barreau, N. (author), Roosen, D. (author), Haverkamp, E. (author)
Two hybrid degradation setups, allowing exposure of solar cells and modules to elevated temperatures and humidity as well as illumination have been built. CIGS solar cells were placed in the degradation setups, allowing real time monitoring of their electrical properties. Under open circuit conditions, the efficiency of alkali-rich CIGS solar...
conference paper 2016