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de Vogel-van den Bosch, J. (author), van den Berg, S.A.A. (author), Bijland, S. (author), Voshol, P.J. (author), Havekes, L.M. (author), Romijn, H.A. (author), Hoeks, J. (author), van Beurden, D. (author), Hesselink, M.K.C. (author), Schrauwen, P. (author), van Dijk, K.W. (author)
Excess dietary long-chain fatty acid (LCFA) intake results in ectopic lipid accumulation and insulin resistance. Since medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are preferentially oxidized over LCFA, we hypothesized that diets rich in MCFA result in a lower ectopic lipid accumulation and insulin resistance compared to diets rich in LCFA. Feeding mice high...
article 2011