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Smit, J. (author), Zeeuw-Brouwer, M.L.D. (author), van Roest, M. (author), de Jong, G. (author), van Bilsen, J. (author)
The current methodology to identify allergenic food proteins is effective in identifying those that are likely to cross-react with known allergens. However, most assays show false positive results for low/non-allergens. Therefore, an ex vivo/in vitro DC-T cell assay and an in vivo mouse model were used to distinguish known allergenic food...
article 2016
ter Bogt, N.C.W. (author), Hoekstra, T. (author), Roest, M. (author), van de Vijver, L.P.L. (author), Verhoef, P. (author), TNO Voeding Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
article 2004