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Bosman, L.C. (author), Roelen, C.A.M. (author), Twisk, J.W.R. (author), Eekhout, I. (author), Heymans, M.W. (author)
Purpose The aim of this study was to develop prediction models to determine the risk of sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) in non-sick listed employees and to compare models for short-term (i.e., 3 months) and long-term (i.e., 12 months) predictions. Methods Cohort study including 49,158 Dutch employees who participated in...
article 2019
Roelen, C.A.M. (author), Koopmans, P.C. (author), Anema, J.R. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Introduction Sickness absence is a major public health problem. Research on sickness absence focuses on interventions aimed at expediting return to work. However, we need to know more about sustaining employees at work after return to work. Therefore, this study investigated the recurrence of sickness absence according to diagnosis. Methods We...
article 2010