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Sastre, F. (author), Versluis, C. (author), Meulendijks, N.M.M. (author), Rodriguez-Fernandez, J. (author), Sweelssen, J. (author), Elen, K. (author), van Bael, M.K. (author), den Hartog, T. (author), M.A. Verheijen, . (author), Buskens, P.J.P. (author)
Methane, which has a high energy storage density and is safely stored and transported in our existing infrastructure, can be produced through conversion of the undesired energy carrier H2 with CO2. Methane production with standard transition-metal catalysts requires high-temperature activation (300−500 °C). Alternatively, semiconductor metal...
article 2019
Muhammed, M.A.H. (author), Lamers, M. (author), Baumann, V. (author), Dey, P. (author), Blanch, A.J. (author), Polishchuk, I. (author), Kong, X.T. (author), Levy, D. (author), Urban, A.S. (author), Govorov, A.O. (author), Pokroy, B. (author), Rodríguez-Fernández, J. (author), Feldmann, J. (author)
Elucidating the underlying principles behind band gap engineering is paramount for the successful implementation of semiconductors in photonic and optoelectronic devices. Recently it has been shown that the band gap of a wide and direct band gap semiconductor, such as ZnO, can be modified upon cocrystallization with amino acids, with the role of...
article 2018