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Reus, A.A. (author), Usta, M. (author), van Meeuwen, R.N.C. (author), Maas, W.J.M. (author), Robinson, S.A. (author), Kenny, J.D. (author), Pruimboom-Brees, I. (author), Clements, P.J. (author), Lynch, A.M. (author), Krul, C.A.M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
For pharmaceuticals, current regulatory guidance for photosafety testing states that studies are warranted for drug candidates that both absorb light in the range of 290-700 nm and that are either applied topically or reach the skin or eyes by systemic exposure. In contrast to standard genotoxicity evaluations, where a positive (or equivocal)...
article 2010