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Jansen, M. (author), Beiter, P. (author), Riepin, I. (author), Musgens, F. (author), Guajardo-Fajardo, V.J. (author), Stafell, I. (author), Bulder, B.H. (author), Kitzing, L. (author)
Offshore wind energy is rapidly expanding, facilitated largely through auctions run by governments. We provide a detailed quantified overview of utilised auction schemes, including geographical spread, volumes, results, and design specifications. Our comprehensive global dataset reveals heterogeneous designs. Although most auction designs...
article 2022
Jansen, M. (author), Staffell, I. (author), Kitzing, L. (author), Quoilin, S. (author), Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J. (author), Bulder, B. (author), Riepin, I. (author), Musgens, F. (author)
Offshore wind energy development has been driven by government support schemes; however, recent cost reductions raise the prospect of offshore wind power becoming cheaper than conventional power generation. Many countries use auctions to provide financial support; however, differences in auction design make their results difficult to compare....
article 2020