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van der Kamp, J.W. (author), Poutanen, K. (author), Seal, C.J. (author), Richardson, D.P. (author)
Most cereal products, like white bread, pasta, and biscuits, are based on flour after removal of bran and germ, the two parts of grain kernels containing most of the dietary fibre and other bioactive components. In the past decade, consumers have been rediscovering whole grain-based products and the number of wholegrain products has increased...
article 2014
Biesalski, H.K. (author), Aggett, P.J. (author), Anton, R. (author), Bernstein, P.S. (author), Blumberg, J. (author), Heaney, R.P. (author), Henry, J. (author), Nolan, J.M. (author), Richardson, D.P. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Witkamp, R.F. (author), Rijkers, G.T. (author), Zöllner, I. (author)
Objective: The objective was to define the term evidence based nutrition on the basis of expert discussions and scientific evidence. Methods and procedures: The method used is the established Hohenheim Consensus Conference. The term "Hohenheim Consensus Conference" defines conferences dealing with nutrition-related topics. The major aim of the...
article 2011
Marquart, L. (author), Asp, N.G. (author), Richardson, D.P. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
bookPart 2004