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Weiss, A.R. (author), Adomeit, U. (author), Chevalier, P. (author), Landeau, S. (author), Bijl, P. (author), Champagnat, F. (author), Dijk, J. (author), Göhler, B. (author), Landini, S. (author), Reynolds, J.P. (author), Smith, L.N. (author)
Modern IR cameras are increasingly equipped with built-in advanced (often non-linear) image and signal processing algorithms (like fusion, super-resolution, dynamic range compression etc.) which can tremendously influence performance characteristics. Traditional approaches to range performance modeling are of limited use for these types of...
conference paper 2012
Bijl, P. (author), Reynolds, J.P. (author), Vos, W.K. (author), Hogervorst, M.A. (author), Fanning, J.D. (author)
The TTP (Targeting Task Performance) metric, developed at NVESD, is the current standard US Army model to predict EO/IR Target Acquisition performance. This model however does not have a corresponding lab or field test to empirically assess the performance of a camera system. The TOD (Triangle Orientation Discrimination) method, developed at TNO...
conference paper 2011