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Vandeweijer, V. (author), Carpentier, S. (author), Paap, B. (author), Blacquière, G. (author), Jansen, R. (author), Reinsch, T. (author)
In 2017 TNO and GFZ combined a dense accelerometer based high resolution surface seismic survey with a fibre optic based Vertical Seismic Profiling (DAS VSP) survey. The combined survey took place on a narrow patch of land in a challenging, noisy urban environment, in Berlin, Germany. The objective was to demonstrate the possibility to acquire a...
conference paper 2019
Ragnarsson, Á. (author), Durst, P. (author), Randeberg, E. (author), Reinsch, T. (author), Thorbjornsson, I. (author), Wollenweber, J. (author), de Jong, W. (author), Kampfer, G. (author), Sigurdsson, Ó. (author), Vercauteren, F. (author)
Funded through the EC-Horizon 2020 program, the GeoWell research project addresses various aspects of new and enhanced technology for the design and operation of high-temperature geothermal wells. These include cement slurry design, casting material selection, casings coupling, downhole temperature, and strain measurements in real time using...
article 2018