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de Hoogh, I.M. (author), Reinders, M.J. (author), Doets, E.L. (author), Hoevenaars, F.P.M. (author), Top, J.L. (author)
The current health status of the general public can substantially benefit from a healthy diet. Using a personalized approach to initiate healthy dietary behavior seems to be a promising strategy, as individuals differ in terms of health status, subsequent dietary needs, and their desired behavior change support. However, providing personalized...
article 2023
Doets, E.L. (author), de Hoogh, I.M. (author), Holthuysen, N. (author), Wopereis, S. (author), Verain, M.C.D. (author), van den Puttelaar, J. (author), Hogenelst, K. (author), Boorsma, A. (author), Bouwman, E.P. (author), Timmer, M. (author), Pasman, W.J. (author), van Erk, M. (author), Reinders, M.J. (author)
The aim of this explorative study is to evaluate whether personalized compared to generic lifestyle advice improves wellbeing in a senior population. We conducted a nine-week single-blind randomized controlled trial including 59 participants (age 67.7 ± 4.8 years) from Wageningen and its surrounding areas in the Netherlands. Three times during...
article 2019