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Masin, M. (author), Palumbo, F. (author), Adriaanse, J. (author), Myrhaug, H. (author), Regazzoni, F. (author), Sanchez, M. (author), Zedda, K. (author)
Technical Requirements (TRs) provide a “black box” conceptualization of the target project results with explicit verification tests. The goal of Technical Requirements Elicitation (TRE) is to ensure that all needs of involved stakeholders are being identified and adequately addressed without prescribing how to achieve them. Whilst TRE...
conference paper 2019
Masin, M. (author), Palumbo, F. (author), Myrhaug, H. (author), De Oliveira Filho, J.A. (author), Pastena, M. (author), Pelcat, M. (author), Raffo, L. (author), Regazzoni, F. (author), Sanchez, A.A. (author), Toffetti, A. (author), de la Torre, E. (author), Zedda, K. (author)
In the last few years, besides the concepts of embedded and interconnected systems, also the notion of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) has emerged: embedded computational collaborating devices, capable of sensing and controlling physical elements and, often, responding to humans. The continuous interaction between physical and computing layers...
conference paper 2017
Piscitelli, R. (author), Bhasin, S. (author), Regazzoni, F. (author)
Faults attacks are a serious threat to secure devices, because they are powerful and they can be performed with extremely cheap equipment. Resistance against fault attacks is often evaluated directly on the manufactured devices, as commercial tools supporting fault evaluation do not usually provide the level of details needed to assert the...
conference paper 2015