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Sharon, I. (author), Quijada, N.M. (author), Pasolli, E. (author), Fabbrini, M. (author), Vitali, F. (author), Agamennone, V. (author), Dötsch, A. (author), Selberherr, E. (author), Grau, J.H. (author), Meixner, M. (author), Liere, K. (author), Ercolini, D. (author), de Filippo, C. (author), Caderni, G. (author), Brigidi, P. (author), Turroni, S. (author)
The core microbiome, which refers to a set of consistent microbial features across populations, is of major interest in microbiome research and has been addressed by numerous studies. Understanding the core microbiome can help identify elements that lead to dysbiosis, and lead to treatments for microbiome-related health states. However, defining...
article 2022