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Theodorakos, I. (author), Zacharatos, F. (author), Makrygianni, M. (author), Kalaitzis, A. (author), Koritsoglou, O. (author), Ankri, J. (author), Schwarzbaum, A. (author), Melamed, A. (author), Giesbers, M. (author), Arutinov, G. (author), Tuohi, S. (author), Arnaldo, D. (author), Braz, N. (author), Geremia, R. (author), Karnakis, D. (author), Melamed, S. (author), Kabla, A. (author), de la Vega, F. (author), Kariyapperuma, D. (author), Cobb, B. (author), Price, R. (author), Too, P. (author), Norval, S. (author), Zergioti, I. (author)
The recent developments in the field of large area, flexible and printed electronics have fueled substantial advancements in Laser Printing and Laser Sintering, which have been attracting interest over the past decade. Resulting applications, ranging from flexible displays and sensors, to biometric devices and healthcare, have already showcased...
conference paper 2020
Vuori, J. (author), Blonk, R. (author), Price, R. (author)
The purpose of this volume is to describe the impact of the increased demand for flexibility on employees and its impact on their individual work life trajectories and health. The volume offers concrete examples of interventions aimed to find innovative ways of sustainable work careers for today's workers. We focus on the school to work...
book 2015