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Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Steenhoff, H. (author), Toftum, J. (author), Daanen, H.A.M. (author), Folkerts, M.A. (author), Gerrett, N. (author), Gao, C. (author), Kuklane, K. (author), Petersson, J. (author), Halder, A. (author), Zuurbier, M. (author), Garland, S.W. (author), Nybo, L. (author)
This paper describes the functional development of the ClimApp tool (available for free on iOS and Android devices), which combines current and 24 h weather forecasting with individual information to offer personalised guidance related to thermal exposure. Heat and cold stress assessments are based on ISO standards and thermal models where...
article 2021
Steenhoff, H. (author), Toftum, J. (author), Kingma, B. (author), Daanen, H. (author), Gao, C. (author), Kuklane, K. (author), Garland, S. (author), Alkan Olsson, J. (author), Egli, S. (author), Folkerts, M. (author), Zuurbier, M. (author), Petersson, J. (author), Nybo, L. (author)
conference paper 2019