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Human, J.D. (author), Petersson, H.I.M. (author), Ferrario, I. (author), den Breeje, R. (author), Klop, W.A. (author), Pettazzi, F. (author), Silvestri, F. (author), Gruber, J.M. (author), Saathof, R. (author), Moens, T.M.N. (author), Russchenberg, T. (author), de Lange, T.J. (author), Spierdijk, J.P.F. (author), Hazelebach, R.L.M. (author), Kuiper, S. (author), Scheffers, P.I. (author), Korevaar, C.W. (author)
To overcome data rate limitations of RF communication links with satellites, TNO and Airbus Netherlands envision optical free-space communication feeder links for next generation high throughput satellites. This poster presents a feasibility assessment of such links and the technology needed by means of a link budget and a turbulence model of...
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