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Lancioni, G.E. (author), Singh, N.N. (author), O'Reilly, M.F. (author), Sigafoos, J. (author), Alberti, G. (author), Perilli, V. (author), Laporta, D. (author), Campodonico, F. (author), Oliva, D. (author), Groenewegen, P.P. (author)
These two studies were aimed at assessing technology-aided programs to help persons with multiple disabilities engage in basic occupation or work activities. Specifically, Study I focused on teaching two participants (an adolescent and an adult) with low vision or total blindness, severe/profound intellectual disabilities, and minimal object...
article 2014
Lancioni, G.E. (author), Perilli, V. (author), O'Reilly, M.F. (author), Singh, N.N. (author), Sigafoos, J. (author), Bosco, A. (author), Caffo, A.O. (author), Picucci, L. (author), Cassano, G. (author), Groenewegen, J. (author)
The present study (a) extended the assessment of an orientation program involving auditory cues (i.e., verbal messages automatically presented from the destinations) with five patients with Alzheimer's disease, (b) compared the effects of this program with those of a program with light cues (i.e., a program in which strobe lights were used...
article 2013