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Peng, F. (author), van Balen, R. (author), Beets, C. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Prins, M. (author), van der Putten, N. (author), Troelstra, S. (author), Woolderink, H. (author), van der Woude, J. (author)
Lateglacial climatic oscillations exerted profound impacts on the Meuse fluvial system. In the Lower Meuse (southern Netherlands), geomorphological studies in the last decades mainly centred on Lateglacial vegetation evolution, channel pattern changes and river terrace formation. Little information has been reported about the paleohydrology and...
article 2021
Peng, F. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Prins, M.A. (author), Ellenkamp, R. (author), Krasnoperov, M.Y. (author), van Balen, R.T. (author)
This study investigates the Holocene levee deposits and paleoflooding history of the Lower Meuse in the Netherlands based on archeological investigations and sedimentary analyses (grain size, end-member modelling, magnetic susceptibility and thermogravimetric analyses). The levee on the left bank in the study area near Ooijen contains a...
article 2020
Peng, F. (author), Prins, M.A. (author), Kasse, C. (author), Cohen, K.M. (author), van der Putten, N. (author), van der Lubbe, J. (author), Toonen, W.H.J. (author), van Balen, R.T. (author)
This study investigates Holocene floodplain evolution and flooding phases as experienced in the Lower Meuse catchment, primarily based on grain-size distributions of channel-fill and floodplain deposits in sediment cores. The presence of post-depositional Fe[sbnd]Mn concretions and resistant organic particulate materials impedes the direct use...
article 2019