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Akkerman, H.B. (author), Pendyala, R.K. (author), Panditha, P. (author), Salem, A. (author), Shen, J. (author), van de Weijer, P. (author), Bouten, P.C.P. (author), de Winter, S.H.P.M. (author), van Diesen-Tempelaars, K. (author), de Haas, G. (author), Steudel, S. (author), Huang, C.Y. (author), Lai, M.H. (author), Huang, Y.Y. (author), Yeh, M.H. (author), Kronemeijer, A.J. (author), Poodt, P. (author), Gelinck, G.H. (author)
We present a thin-film dual-layer bottom barrier on polyimide that is compatible with 350°C backplane processing for organic light-emitting diode displays and that can facilitate foldable active-matrix organic light-emitting diode devices with a bending radius of <2 mm. We demonstrate organic light-emitting diodes that survive bending over 0.5...
article 2018
Harkema, S. (author), Pendyala, R.K. (author), Geurts, C.G.C. (author), Helgers, P.L.J. (author), Levell, J.W. (author), Wilson, J.S. (author), MacKerron, D. (author)
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are a promising lighting technology. In particular OLEDs fabricated on plastic foils are believed to hold the future. These planar devices are subject to various optical losses, which requires sophisticated light management solutions. Flexible OLEDs on plastic substrates are as prone to losses related to...
conference paper 2014
Levell, J.W. (author), Harkema, S. (author), Pendyala, R.K. (author), Rensing, P.A. (author), Senes, A. (author), Bollen, D. (author), MacKerron, D. (author), Wilson, J.S. (author)
A general challenge in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) is to extract the light efficiently from waveguided modes within the device structure. This can be accomplished by applying an additional scattering layer to the substrate which results in outcoupling increases between 0% to <100% in external quantum efficiency. In this work, we aim to...
conference paper 2013