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Bouma, H. (author), Villani, M.L. (author), van Rooijen, A.L. (author), Räsänen, P. (author), Peltola, J. (author), Toivonen, S. (author), de Nicola, A. (author), Guarneri, M. (author), Stifini, C. (author), de Dominicis, L. (author)
Counter terrorism is a huge challenge for public spaces. Therefore, it is essential to support early detection of threats, such as weapons or explosives. An integrated fusion engine was developed for the management of a plurality of sensors to detect threats without disrupting the flow of commuters. The system improves security of soft targets ...
article 2023
de Dominicis, L. (author), Bouma, H. (author), Toivonen, S. (author), Stifini, C. (author), Villani, M.L. (author), de Nicola, A. (author), van Rooijen, A.L. (author), Baan, J. (author), Peltola, J. (author), Lämsä, A. (author), Räsänen, P. (author)
conference paper 2021