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Schmale, J. (author), Henning, S. (author), Decesari, S. (author), Henzing, B. (author), Keskinen, H. (author), Sellegri, K. (author), Ovadnevaite, J. (author), Pöhlker, M. (author), Brito, J. (author), Bougiatioti, A. (author), Kristensson, A. (author), Kalivitis, N. (author), Stavroulas, I. (author), Carbone, S. (author), Jefferson, A. (author), Park, M. (author), Schlag, P. (author), Iwamoto, Y. (author), Aalto, P. (author), Äijälä, M. (author), Bukowiecki, N. (author), Ehn, M. (author), Fröhlich, R. (author), Frumau, A. (author), Herrmann, E. (author), Herrmann, H. (author), Holzinger, R. (author), Kos, G. (author), Kulmala, M. (author), Mihalopoulos, N. (author), Nenes, A. (author), O'Dowd, C. (author), Petäjä, T. (author), Picard, D. (author), Pöhlker, C. (author), Pöschl, U. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Swietlicki, E. (author), Andreae, M. (author), Artaxo, P. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Ogren, J. (author), Matsuki, A. (author), Soo Yum, S. (author), Stratmann, F. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author), Gysel, M. (author)
Aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) constitute the single largest uncertainty in anthropogenic radiative forcing. To reduce the uncertainties and gain more confidence in the simulation of ACI, models need to be evaluated against observations, in particular against measurements of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). Here we present a data set - ready...
article 2018
Schmale, J. (author), Henning, S. (author), Henzing, B. (author), Keskinen, H. (author), Sellegri, K. (author), Ovadnevaite, J. (author), Bougiatioti, A. (author), Kalivitis, N. (author), Stavroulas, I. (author), Jefferson, A. (author), Park, M. (author), Schlag, P. (author), Kristensson, A. (author), Iwamoto, Y. (author), Pringle, K. (author), Reddington, C. (author), Aalto, P. (author), Äijälä, M. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author), Bialek, J. (author), Birmili, W. (author), Bukowiecki, N. (author), Ehn, M. (author), Fjæraa, A.M. (author), Fiebig, M. (author), Frank, G. (author), Fröhlich, R. (author), Frumau, A. (author), Furuya, M. (author), Hammer, E. (author), Heikkinen, L. (author), Herrmann, E. (author), Holzinger, R. (author), Hyono, H. (author), Kanakidou, M. (author), Kiendler-Scharr, A. (author), Kinouchi, K. (author), Kos, G. (author), Kulmala, M. (author), Mihalopoulos, N. (author), Motos, G. (author), Nenes, A. (author), O'Dowd, C. (author), Paramonov, M. (author), Petäjä, T. (author), Picard, D. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Prévôt, A.S.H. (author), Slowik, J. (author), Sonntag, A. (author), Swietlicki, E. (author), Svenningsson, B. (author), Tsurumaru, H. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Wittbom, C. (author), Ogren, J.A. (author), Matsuki, A. (author), Yum, S.S. (author), Myhre, C.L. (author), Carslaw, K. (author), Stratmann, F. (author), Gysel, M. (author)
Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) number concentrations alongside with submicrometer particle number size distributions and particle chemical composition have been measured at atmospheric observatories of the Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure (ACTRIS) as well as other international sites over multiple years. Here,...
article 2017
Kos, G.P.A. (author), Whitehead, J. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author), Carslaw, K. (author), Stratmann, F. (author), Holzinger, R. (author), Henzing, J.S. (author), Schmale, J. (author), Schlag, P. (author), Aalto, P.P. (author), Keskinen, H. (author), Paramonov, M. (author), Henning, S. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Sellegri, K. (author), Ovadnevaite, J. (author), Krüger, M. (author), Carbone, S. (author), Brito, J. (author), Jefferson, A. (author), Yum, S.S. (author), Park, M. (author), Fröhlich, R. (author), Herrmann, E. (author), Hammer, E. (author), Gysel, M. (author), CCN Team (author), University of Crete (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
Synthesis of CCN data from the ACTRIS network and complementary observation sites
conference paper 2015