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Dittrich, M.G. (author), Papadimitriou, G. (author), Ntziachristos, L. (author), Steven, H. (author), Durampart, M. (author)
conference paper 2018
Ntziachristos, L. (author), Vonk, W.A. (author), Papadopoulos, G. (author), van Mensch, P. (author), Geivanidis, S. (author), Mellios, G. (author), Papadimitriou, G. (author), Steven, H. (author), Elstgeest, M. (author), Ligterink, N.E. (author), Kontses, A. (author), Heinz, S. (author)
report 2017
Ntziachristos, L. (author), Papadimitriou, G. (author), Ligterink, N. (author), Hausberger, S. (author)
Diesel NOx emissions have been at the forefront of research and regulation scrutiny as a result of failures of late vehicle technologies to deliver on-road emissions reductions. The current study aims at identifying the actual emissions levels of late light duty vehicle technologies, including Euro 5 and Euro 6 ones. Mean NOx emission factor...
article 2016