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Romano, M.C. (author), Antonini, C. (author), Bardow, A. (author), Bertsch, V. (author), Brandon, N.P. (author), Brouwer, J. (author), Campanari, S. (author), Crema, L. (author), Dodds, P.E. (author), Gardarsdottir, S. (author), Gazzani, M. (author), jan Kramer, G. (author), Lund, P.D. (author), mac Dowell, N. (author), Martelli, E. (author), Mastropasqua, L. (author), McKenna, R.C. (author), Monteiro, J.G.M.S. (author), Paltrinieri, N. (author), Pollet, B.G. (author), Reed, J.G. (author), Schmidt, T.J. (author), Vente, J. (author), Wiley, D. (author)
This paper is written in response to the paper “How green is blue hydrogen?” by R. W. Howarth and M. Z. Jacobson. It aims at highlighting and discussing the method and assumptions of that paper, and thereby providing a more balanced perspective on blue hydrogen, which is in line with current best available practices and future plant...
article 2022
Paltrinieri, N. (author), Landucci, G. (author), Molag, M. (author), Bonvicini, S. (author), Spadoni, G. (author), Cozzani, V. (author)
The potential reduction of risk in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) road transport due to the adoption of passive fire protections was investigated. Experimental data available for small scale vessels fully engulfed by a fire were extended to real scale road and rail tankers through a finite elements model. The results of mathematical simulations...
article 2009