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Centraal laboratorium TNO (author), Wessels, J.M.C. (author), Pals, D.T.F. (author)
article 1969
Centraal Laboratorium TNO (author), Staverman, A.J. (author), Kruissink, C.A. (author), Pals, D.T.F. (author)
An explanation of the anomalous osmosis described in the preceding paper is given in terms of friction coefficients in the glass membrane. It is shown that anomalous osmosis may be expected when the friction coefficients are constant and positive provided that the membrane absorbs solute strongly and the outside concentration of solute is small....
article 1965
Petri, E.M. (author), Staverman, A.J. (author), Pals, D.T.F. (author), Centraal Laboratorium TNO (author)
article 1955