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Rajmil, L. (author), Abad, S. (author), Sardon, O. (author), Morera, G. (author), Pérez-Yarza, E.G. (author), Moreno, A. (author), Detmar, S. (author), Fekkes, M. (author), Herdman, M. (author), Alonso, J. (author)
Objectives: To evaluate the reliability, and construct validity of the Spanish version of the TNO-AZL preschool children quality of life (TAPQOL). Methods: A consecutive sample of children (3 months to 5 years old) was recruited from primary care centers and two teaching hospitals in Spain. The TAPQOL and a set of questions related to their...
article 2011
Sardón Prado, O. (author), Morera, G. (author), Herdman, M. (author), Moreno Galdó, A. (author), Pérez-Yarza, E.G. (author), Detmar, S. (author), Fekkes, M. (author), Rajmil, L. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objectives: To obtain a Spanish version of the TNO-AZL Preschool Children Quality of Life Questionnaire (TAPQOL) that would be both semantically and culturally equivalent to the original. Material and methods: The TAPQOL questionnaire was designed to measure health-related quality of life in children aged 3 months to 5 years and contains 43...
article 2008